Jeremy Connor
Jeremy Connor

A message from the Patron, Highgate Newtown Community Centre

His Honour Jeremy Connor

It is with real pleasure that I write to tell you about development of Highgate Newtown Community Centre; a vibrant, growing community centre providing essential services to the people living in and near Highgate Newtown.

Having spent most of my working life as a circuit judge, I know that community services are more important than ever. Highgate, Archway and Dartmouth Park make up a very diverse area. People of all backgrounds and life experiences live in the same street; HNCC therefore welcomes all who enjoy crafts, sports or learning new skills.

We particularly welcome (and can help) people struggling to make ends meet, children needing local sports and other activities and people living alone who would like company. We offer a host of services for unemployed people and disabled people; all alongside our cafe and community lunches. In a nutshell, HNCC is our local charity offering emergency and crisis as well as many recreational activities.

To provide this range of services to all who live in our community, we need your support. We face huge cuts and have already made great efficiencies in administration. We cannot do this alone and know that we will succeed best if the whole community comes together.

That is why we are working with other local organisations like St Anne’s Church Highgate creating community projects that matter to local people. We promise that all donations will go direct to running our key projects.

Thank you.

Please help the Centre by making a donation via the CAF website