We have £3.8 million pounds of investment in our redevelopment project. We secured the future of Community services in Highgate in partnership with Camden Council.

At Highgate Newtown Community Centre we believe that providing FREE services is the best policy for our community services. These services are designed to have a positive impact on the local community. Our aim is to create a high quality offer for the community, delivering the services that you’ve said you want and that you’ve shown you love.

In 2017 we are fortunate again to have no cuts to any of our services, and will be adding new ones as well.

Highgate Newtown Community Centre: a new building for a secure future.

We wanted to let you know about the new community centre. Right now, plans for the new building are with Camden’s planners. The application is likely to be considered at a committee meeting in March of this year.

The plans also include new facilities, and more welcoming public open space. They will also open up the centre to Croftdown Road.

Why build a new centre?

The community centre Director Andrew Sanalitro is clear that a new building is the best option to secure the long-term future for the community centre – along with the free and subsidised services that so many people on low incomes see as an essential service.

“The new building is their future. It means we are better able to attract grants and funding from a wider range of sources – which builds upon the promise of this £3.8 million investment we are already making. The new building is vital to ensure our services will continue and improve.

“January 2017 we got of to a fantastic start with funders injecting £27,000 to ensure our services are FREE. This shows that they have confidence in what we’re doing and agree we have a great future going forward.

“A new building will be far more energy efficient and sustainable. The new spaces have been co- designed with users to make sure the building will work well. There will be modern toilets, lockers and proper storage. It’ll also be fully accessible for people with disabilities or limited mobility, and families with buggies. This is not achievable in our current building.”

This fantastic opportunity won’t come again.

Our values as an independent charity are supporting the community which want and need our services children and families and older people and subsidised services. In a brand new community centre this will ensure we carry on doing just that for decades to come.

Our users and projects also agree and share our long term visions so thank you for your support.


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