Community Arts Creative People Programme

Highgate Newtown Community Partners has developed a range of opportunities for local people to discover and explore their creative selves through a broad range of art and craft-based activities.

With our investment in a properly-equipped art room, and led by our artist in residence, our Community Arts Creative People programme is a full reflection of our central position in the community. The programme provides opportunities for local people to discover their individual potential, develop their interests and express their creativity, contributing to the identity of the HNCP through their art.

The programme reflects HNCP’s overall purpose and commitment. And whether you’re a mum, dad, granny or grandad, someone living on their own, a young person starting out, or a child just discovering the excitement and pleasure of expressing their creative selves, HNCP provides creative opportunities across a range of visual and performing arts and crafts to empower and inspire you.

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Community Arts Creative People programme provides:

  • Access: From children to seniors, the programme enables the HNCP community to explore and discover what they can do – whether it’s trying something new or re-discovering interests and talents from before.
  • Affordability: We provide the materials and offer concessions to those otherwise unable to take part.
  • Learning: We provide professionally-trained teachers and coaches to help participants develop real depth of skill.
  • Going Forward: We provide stepping stones for participants to take their interest further, both in their particular field of art and in confidence and life skills that will support them generally
  • Sharing: By showing in our regular exhibitions, people are able to see their work on show, or they can join the support team as a volunteer and further develop their interests. People find a real sense of pleasure and enjoyment by joining in and becoming part of the wider HNCP community.

We constantly encounter people who have felt discouraged or denied from pursuing their interests. If they haven’t had the encouragement or opportunity to have a go, many assume they can’t – but we make the difference. Our programme is for everyone, so come and discover your creative self


We provide a range of art classes each week for all ages and all levels of experience and ability. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re returning to an interest in drawing and painting, these classes are for you.

If you’ve never done drawing and painting before, or not for a very long time, come and discover what you can do. You’ll be drawing in an hour. And if you have done it before and remember the fun and pleasure it was… Well, it still is. We’ll help you rediscover what you can do.

When and Where

All our art programmes will continue in conjunction with our local partners at Hargrave Hall, St Anne’s Church
106 Highgate West Hill, Highgate
London N6 6AP

Opening Spring 2024