18 October 2018
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HNCC Bertram Street closing 1st March 2019

The current Highgate Newtown Community Centre will close for rebuilding on March 1st 2019 

We would like to thank all the people that have supported us through this time, and we look forward to coming back into a brand new building in 2020
Our web site is being updated with new timetables as we move into new venues whilst the build takes place . Please keep an eye out from Jan 5th 2019 for the latest information.
Highgate Newtown Community Centre team
18 September 2018
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Autumn Timetable

Our timetable is now available to download as a pdf in a convenient printable format.

12 August 2018
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AGM 29th August

The Highgate Newtown Community Centre Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 29th August at 10am at 25 Bertram Street.

2 July 2018
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Redevelopment delay

It has been a while since the last Camden consultation exercise considered the redevelopment of the community centre at Bertram Street. Camden have now concluded that the proposal granted planning permission last year is not currently viable. 

The board of trustees of HNCC are very disappointed that the redevelopment of our community centre is therefore on hold while options are considered by Camden. 

We are still hoping that a suitable proposal can be brought forward by Camden to be considered by the board and discussed with the community which will provide us with a centre of which we can all feel proud.

Robert Aitken (chair)

6 June 2018
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Bee Introduced!

Hi, I’m Mandy. I am a beekeeper and a member of the British Beekeepers Association. I will be setting up a beehive at Highgate Newtown this summer. Bees are vitally important to the planet. They pollinate plants which ensures their survival and by extension, ours. And of course they make delicious honey!

They are not dangerous and very rarely sting, but wasps give them a bad name. People often mistake wasps for bees but while wasps are aggressive, bees are generally placid.

I am excited to introduce these amazing creatures to the community and will be running bee workshops and events for both children and adults where you can learn all about bees. We will also be having taster days once we get our first batch of our organic, wildflower honey.

Look out for these on our events page in the coming months.

I look forward to spreading the word about bees.

5 June 2018
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Camden Summer University

Highgate Newtown Community Centre is hosting the Camden Summer University. Offering a wide range of courses from creative arts to health fitness and beauty and work support there is something for everyone. Visit the CSU website to find out more

5 May 2018
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The Conservation Foundation partnership

A new partnership between The Conservation Foundation and The HNCC’s ‘Wood That Works’, led by Ricky Jefferson, offers young people the opportunity to learn practical skills in wood and metal restoration, and breathe life back into antique garden and workshop tools.

Funded by the Golden Bottle Trust, Tools Shed Gold will work alongside The Conservation Foundation’s long-running project, Tools Shed, where donated broken garden tools are repaired by prisoners and given away to local school and community gardening groups.

Tools Shed Gold will operate as a social enterprise, also selling the restored antique tools through The Conservation Foundation and raising money for Tools Shed. As well as learning transferable, practical workshop skills participants will also get a chance to learn about the fascinating history behind each tool.

More information from Jack Narbed, Project Manager: Tools Shed Project – Contact us

The Conservation Foundation Tel: +44 (0)20 7591 3111

3 May 2018
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Birthday Tea Party

Another new service starting soon will be monthly Birthday Tea Parties, we will be asking people who have a birthday on the month of Feb for example to come to the centre and celebrate their birthday together with others that have birthdays in the same month, as we want to give a special afternoon to our very valued service users, the Birthday Tea Party’s will be on the last Tuesday of each month.

Delivery of a Hot Meal

We will also be looking into a new way of delivering hot meals for people, who live alone and can’t get out, we are at the moment looking into this new project, we believe that this service is very much needed in the local area, as many people are housebound, and can no longer cook a meal for themselves, we will be looking to offer meals to people of different ethnic backgrounds, taking into account the many cultures we have within our local community.

We will keep you posted through the website, when this service will start


If you would like more information about the Birthday Tea Party, please do get in touch with Larraine., 0207 272 7201

2 April 2018
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New Beginnings: Youth training & employment

The New Beginnings Hub and Training Academy is an exciting new pilot in partnership with the Lloyds foundation. It aims to get young people between 18 and 24 employment, training opportunities or apprenticeships that might otherwise be hard or impossible for them to access.

Find out how to apply to take part in this pilot and get more information.