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A message from the Patron, Highgate Newtown Community Centre

His Honour Jeremy Connor


A new experience in Community Centre Services

It is a real pleasure to set out the latest developments at HNCC.

We now have a vibrant, growing community centre providing essential services to the people living near Highgate Newtown.

Having spent most of my life as a circuit judge, I Know that community services are more important than ever.

Highgate, Archway and Dartmouth Park make up a very diverse area. People of all backgrounds and life experiences live in the same street; HNNC therefore welcomes all who enjoy crafts, sports or learning new skills.

We particularly welcome (and can help) people struggling to make ends meet, children needing local sports and under 5s play activities. People living alone will enjoy a hot meal in our café and have company sitting at a table. We offer a host of services for those unemployed and young people completing youth reparation sentences.

HNCC is a local charity offering emergency and crisis support: from food parcels to a safe place to just sit and take stock of life.

We cannot do this without your further help.

Our new investment of 3.8 million in a new community centre has secured the long term future, assurance outstanding success and enjoying solid support from Camden Council. Over the next 3 years we will need to fundraise 260,000 to fit out the new community centre and sports hall.

Your support means so much at this new stage of development ( please see our new donation page and what your donation will support)

Best wishes

Jeremy Connor
Patron Highgate Newtown Community Centre

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