Venue Hire

We prioritise projects that make a difference to people’s lives, so our venues are often being used for 55 Plus and Education Plus most days and evenings.

We don’t take bookings for parties in any form. We care a great deal about our local community and homes close by and their welfare.

Sports activities are run in partnership with local schools, and our own programmes are funded through grant trusts.

Our brand-new climbing wall will form part of an integrated programme for all ages.

For all catering and food enquiries, please speak to our café teams.

Meeting room hire is on offer each day.

Bookings for classes you may wish to run will be accessed by our team.

All promotion items will be checked and approved before any event can take place.

Any group booking will need to have their own insurance, DBS checks and risk assessments in place.

For more information, get in touch.

Opening Spring 2024


We have committed to the borough-wide car-free policy set out in Camden’s Local Plan. The proposed development will be car-free and will include secured and covered cycling parking on site. There will be no car parking available on site at all.  
We encourage residents and visitors to choose sustainable transport methods to visit our community centre on Bertram Street, including public transport, walking, or cycling. 
A Travel Plan is also being drafted as part of the development and will be consulted on and published in due course. The Travel Plan will aim at creating a sustainable, community driven environment for all users, and to encourage residents, community centre staff and visitors to adopt healthy, sustainable lifestyle and travel choices in order to reduce reliance on the private car. 

Opening Spring 2023