3 July 2024
Written By hncp

An Apology – Bertram Street New Community Centre Delays

SOMETIMES things do not go fully to plan, and I would like to say sorry on behalf of Highgate Newtown Community Partners to residents for the issues this has caused.

We have been working extremely hard with Camden Council officers each week to create a fabulous new centre for you all.

Over the last two years we have raised over 400k from private trusts to fit out the building. This week alone Mercers a grant trust approved 100k for new services and private donations continue to come in.

The new Centre will have an Italian Restaurant which will also offer work placements to young people and those with disabilities, it will offer affordable food and a place for people alone to have company in the evenings.

Loneliness is a real issue for people local who want a safe place to walk to, and to feel part of the wider community. The hairdressers nail bar will allow people to have haircuts which improves mental health for people on low incomes.

The new pottery complex and cook school will support all ages. The low cost laundry will have fully commercial machines for those larger items.

A range of services for community wellbeing are being created for our community.

Highgate Newtown Community Partners now works across Camden providing free children’s services and lunch clubs, also much needed services for young people as in adverts in paper today.

Camden Council and HNCP do not go to work each day not to try and make our community better and where no person gets left behind, we are creating services you all ask for and care about.

I am truly sorry for the delay in the building opening, and I fully support Camden’s ambitions with us to create a world class Centre.

Many thanks,


Andrew Sanalitro, 

Director Highgate Newtown Community Partners

3rd July 2024