Mind in Camden is delighted to be partnering with Highgate Newtown Community Partners.

We aim to work alongside HNCP to provide mental health information and support for local residents by helping people access services that meet their self-defined needs. Within this, we recognise the strengths of local communities in supporting wellbeing and the  value of peer support spaces where individuals can find companionship in sharing their vulnerabilities, developing shared interests and using their personal strengths to support themselves and one another.

One of the foundations of how we work is to enable people to define what matters to them and find ways of creating this in their lives. This inevitably means meeting and living with personal challenges, but not being defined by them. We’ve found that participation is one of the ways people can see themselves beyond their mental health needs – so we emphasise supporting people to find ways of contributing in personally meaningful ways.

In working with HNCP, we aim to provide peer support and activity groups focused on local residents’ wishes. Additionally, we’re seeking ways of providing a regular Link Worker to provide drop-in support to help people understand their options for accessing services for their mental health, developing their interests or finding ways to participate. We understand that taking the first step is often the most challenging, so the role of the Link Worker would be to assist with attending a first appointment. More broadly, we’re committed to working with HNCP to help staff understand the local mental health landscape and ways of supporting residents with mental health needs.

Opening Spring 2024