I am the Vicar of St Mary Brookfield, Parish Church of Dartmouth Park, and have been here since 2018. As a church we are very keen on partnering with local organisations and are excited about our new partnership with HNCP. I am also delighted about being a trustee and being involved in the redevelopment of the community centre. As a Christian community, we seek to honour human dignity by sharing in the compassion and love we find in the teaching and example of Jesus Christ and believe that the outpouring that love needs to address the growing economic and social inequality within our communities. It is our hope at St Mary’s that this attractive alternative will lead to human flourishing whether we are people of faith or of none. Our outreach at St Mary Brookfield and at HNCP, therefore, has to be much more than resourcing but rather with a view to having deep and lasting impact upon people’s lives and communities. I am married to Hannah and have a daughter.