30 September 2020
Written By hncp

Annual General Meeting


Dear Members,

This notice is to advise that Annual General Meeting of HNCC which was convened for 6th October 2020 was adjourned due to the failure to achieve the required quorum of twenty members

As required by our constitution the Trustees have set a date and time for the adjourned meeting to recommence

That date is 3rd November 2020 at 11 am, as before at St Anne’s Church, 106 West Hill, London N6 6AP.

This meeting will definitely proceed as it is certain that a quorum will be achieved. Our constitution provides that whatever number of members are present will form a quorum

As before we will arrange for a zoom broadcast of the meeting since, by law, physical attendance must be severely limited. Please advise the Secretary at hncc@sloth.uk.net by Sunday 1st November if you  wish to have the login detail for the broadcast

For reference a copy of the original notice of the meeting is available on this website. (See below) If you wish to send in a proxy form please do so as described in the notice. If you have already provided one there is no need to send another one, as original proxy will still be valid, the meeting merely having been adjourned

By Order of the Trustees

Stephen Hodge

Original notice of now postponed meeting 

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 6th October. Our Chairman, Robert Aitken, Our Treasurer, Stephen Hodge and our Director Andrew Sanalitro will each say a few words

Unfortunately, because of Covid restrictions, it will not be possible for most people to attend the meeting in person.

However we will arrange internet coverage of the meeting which anyone is welcome to join, via zoom

If you would like to do this please email our  Treasurer Stephen Hodge at hncc@sloth.uk.net and he will send the details you need to join the coverage.

It will not be possible to ask questions via the zoom coverage, but if you have a question you are welcome to send it by email to hncc@sloth.uk.net, and it will be answered at the meeting

HNCC’s Annual Report and Accounts for the year to 31st March 2020 will be presented to the meeting. If you would like to read these accounts there is a link to them on this website under Financial Disclosures