1 January 2022
Written By hncp

Better Together

As we approach the end of January, it’s time to assess how your new year’s resolutions are going. We certainly hope you’re more conscientious about your study programmes, more efficient at work, losing excess weight, getting on better with the relatives, fitter, not arguing with the children, or whatever you’d been aiming for. It’s an ongoing thing, isn’t it?

As minister of Highgate United Reformed Church, one of the best decisions we ever made was not just to go it alone, but to find out what was happening in our local community and, where possible, work in partnership with others. In many walks of life, we mistakenly think that we’re better doing things on our own, only to discover eventually what a huge mistake this can be. What huge rewards there are for those who are prepared to work with others, because, as the well-known saying goes – we’re better together.

One organisation we work with has recently changed its name to reflect these important values – Highgate Newtown Community Centre is now Highgate Newtown Community Partnership.

We all know how important it is to reflect just how diverse and interesting our communities are, especially here in London. Partnership gives us the opportunity to work together as we look at a variety of ways for serving our community.

HNCP are working across a range of levels – embarking on the development of a new-build project which will bring people together and serve their needs, and supporting local community lunches like our Thursday lunch at Pond Square Chapel.

These community lunches (in several locations) bring people together in a friendly atmosphere and so help combat social isolation for many. And the lunches themselves also give us a chance to work with others like Channing School, who bring pupils occasionally to
provide a high-quality music programme and performance – a real treat for our diners!

All this is only possible through your kindness and generosity, so many thanks to all readers who have supported these partnerships, or who are faithfully making a contribution in other ways for the sake of our communities.