3 May 2018
Written By hncp

Birthday Tea Party

Another new service starting soon will be monthly Birthday Tea Parties, we will be asking people who have a birthday on the month of Feb for example to come to the centre and celebrate their birthday together with others that have birthdays in the same month, as we want to give a special afternoon to our very valued service users, the Birthday Tea Party’s will be on the last Tuesday of each month.

Delivery of a Hot Meal

We will also be looking into a new way of delivering hot meals for people, who live alone and can’t get out, we are at the moment looking into this new project, we believe that this service is very much needed in the local area, as many people are housebound, and can no longer cook a meal for themselves, we will be looking to offer meals to people of different ethnic backgrounds, taking into account the many cultures we have within our local community.

We will keep you posted through the website, when this service will start


If you would like more information about the Birthday Tea Party, please do get in touch with Larraine.

Revah.larraine@outlook.com, 0207 272 7201