11 May 2022
Written By hncp

Channing & HNCP

Channing was co-founded in 1885 as a school where the daughters of Unitarian ministers could obtain a ‘first-class education.’ It is this Unitarian foundation that drives us to reach beyond the school gates to build a local network of partnerships, which will help to create a positive social and educational impact on the local community and our school.

Our growing partnership with HNCP and Brookfield Nursery and Primary School has enabled us to work together to deliver a whole range of activities:

  • chatting with elderly guests at the HNCP lunches at the United Reform Church;
  • making videos for Under 5 activities for HNCP during lockdown;
  • problemsolving sessions organised and taught by our Year 12 students for Year 5/6 pupils at Brookfield;
  • a Science Club bringing enrichment to pupils who may not otherwise be able to afford such activities; and so much more.

Last July we ran a Summer Camp to provide pupils in the area with an opportunity to attend a camp which was both educational and fun. Plans are already underway for this Summer!

Come and visit us at our stall at the Fair in the Square on Saturday 11 June to find out more about the difference we are making together.