22 February 2023
Written By hncp

Community Lunch Club at St Dominic’ s Parish Hall, Haverstock Hil


The Dominican friars at St Dominic’s Priory and the Rosary Shrine welcomes a new partnership with the HNCP to create a range of initiatives that will serve the local community, whether you’re Catholic or not! We begin this March in the season of Lent with a Community Lunch Club. We share the values of providing the best quality ingredients and prices that people can afford: £1.50 for 3 courses.
We welcome all so come join us working as one community
Very Rev Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.,
Prior and Parish Priest
Rector of the Rosary Shrine (London)
St Dominic’s Priory

Starting Date: 2nd March, Thursday (10.30am to 2pm)

St Dominic’s Parish Hall, Haverstock Hill. St Dominic’s Priory, Southampton Road, London NW5 4LB
Please go to the Parish Hall next to Wordsworth Place, and not to the Priory.