27 March 2019
Written By hncp

Free introductory hands-on Art discovery for all

HNCC Reaching Communities Partnership launches its Creative Community Network with St Anne’s Church Highgate, Hargrave Hall, and Kentish Town Community Centre.

Led by the Network Artist In Residence, Angus Anderson. the programme is designed for all whether young or old, rediscovering an interest or exploring something really new a range of art and craft programmes are made available for all across the community. These include Sewing, Woodwork and a range of Visual Art.

But the most important thing is that the sessions really encourage everyone to have a go. There is no such thing as wrong. The only thing that matters is that people are encouraged find ways that suit them to express themselves visually. And the more they do the better they get, and especially the fun in participating in the wider creative community.

As part of our Creative Community Network Hargrave Hall is itself launching its Easter Holiday programme with free introductory classes for all.

Tuesday 9 April

1.30-4.30 Discover Drawing for adults
Come and get a solid basis of principles of drawing; We will get you drawing in an hour’

Wednesday 10 April

1.30-4.30 Discover Painting for adults
have fun with paint, how to use the material, enjoy colour, the 101 uses of a paint brush apart from stirring your tea

Thursday 11 April

10.30 – 12.30 Children’s Arts Holiday Club, for children 6-11 yrs
explore our environment and identity; If I was an animal I would like to be a ……

2.00 – 5.00 – Young People’s Arts Holiday Club, for young people 12 – 19 yrs
Imagine your future in the mural – “In Ten Years Time We Would Like To Be…”

Contact Angus Anderson angusanderson@andersongrounds.com or 07802 316703