28 September 2022
Written By hncp

Welcome to Highgate Newtown Community Partners’ Autumn Programme



I am delighted to welcome you to the Autumn Programme. As local residents, our family shares Highgate Newtown Community Partners’ ambition to strive to ensure no person is ever left behind. HNCP is determined to offer low-cost or free services at the sametime as maintaining high standards. The food for the meals – which are offered at £1, for three-courses – are bought from M&S and Waitrose so that our community, many of whom are on low incomes, can enjoy the very best.

We are grateful for the kind support our partners that from 1st October allows us to lower the price of the Community Lunch to £1.00 for a 3-course meal. Thank you for your generosity.

Together with the free ‘Under 5s Stay & Play’, the children’s meals are FREE.

Talk to the people who use these services and hear from them how their lives have been improved by what HNCP has been able to provide!

HNCP now offers Thursday Pilates sessions at St Anne’s Church Highgate. Although voluntary contributions for the classes are welcome, they are now free to Camden Residents who might otherwise not be in a position to afford them. The Pilates sessions start at 10am and those who attend are welcome for free tea and coffee after the class.

Look at the website www.highgatenewtown.org.uk for all the details of these exciting an innovative projects.

With low administrative costs, Highgate Newtown Community Partners are determined to keep up the high standards and values that improved the neighbourhood’s lives during the pandemic and to continue to give the community a quality service.

In these hard times, we are grateful to Camden Council for its support now and in the future. Because times are challenging and likely to get worse, we are investing in local communities. As a team, HNCP sees these new initiatives as a bold and exciting way forward; we need to be kind to each other and to support our neighbours.

Best wishes
Bevery and Family
Local Resident for 60 years
(Proud to be a Camden Resident)
*All lunches subject to availability

Full the programme, visit:
or e-mail andrew.s@hncc.org.uk for the timetable