5 September 2023
Written By hncp

HNCP Summer Camp – A fantastic success for the third year in a row

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s HNCP Summer Camp such a fantastic success for the third year in a row.

The fun and educational summer camp, hosted by Channing School, welcomed around 40 children from eight local primary schools. The children enjoyed a variety of activities, including:

  • Morning workshops led by experienced teachers from Channing Junior School and Brookfield Primary School
  • Dodgeball, rounders, laser tag, drama, and arts and crafts, all provided by Active Day Camps
  • ‘The Olympics’: which showcased the new friendships they had made plus they enjoyed competing with each other to win medals!

One of the highlights was the animation course, led by a teacher from Brookfield Primary School. The children also took part in: ‘money maths’ lessons where they practised life skills such as budgeting to plan a party; and literacy lessons based around a Sci-Fi book which gave them the opportunity to practise their writing skills in exciting and purposeful ways.

Thanks to the Channing catering and facilities teams, attendees enjoyed healthy snacks and lunches and all equipment was provided, so the children just needed to bring themselves and their imaginations!

Jennifer Kung, Channing Director of Partnerships and HE, commented “Camps like these are invaluable in boosting children’s self-esteem, confidence and academic progress, helping them develop a growth mindset and greater self-efficacy. Our Education + partnership with HNCP, Brookfield Primary School and St. Aloysius’ College is a key part of our work in the local community, creating a positive impact for local children and their families. But the photos from this year tell the real story…and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!”

“It helped me step out of my comfort zone” – Emanuella
“I came here with no friends and now I have loads” – Olivia

We are very grateful to John Lyon’s Charity and The Young Camden Foundation for their funding.