With the new building opening in spring 2024, we’re opening a laundry for people on low incomes. Our charges will be £3.00 a wash and £1.00 a 15-minute dry – less than half the price of other local laundries.

What we do
We supply eco-friendly washing products (Ecover and Simply Eco-Smart) to our customers, and we can refill Ecover laundry liquid, fabric softener and washing-up liquid containers.

Our large washing machines use less water and are faster and more energy-efficient than domestic machines. And because our water is softened (non-chemically) which reduces wear on the machinery, our machines work more efficiently and last longer.

On top of that, our mains supply is metered, and we have limiters fitted which reduce water wastage.

By supplying eco-friendly products, we reduce the amount of harmful pollutants that are put into the drains every day.

When and Where

Opening Spring 2024
Highgate Newtown Community Centre