31 October 2019
Written By hncp

Meals on Wheels Kitchen of Opportunities

The HNCC is pleased to announce a meals on wheels delivery service using an electric vehicle which is hoped to start early in 2020. This new service has been made possible thanks to generous donations by partners, with £18,000 already pledged by Morrisons.

Costing only 2p per mile to run the Nissan e-NV200 is estimated to save £7,500 a year over the running cost of a typical equivalent diesel vehicle, can cover 106 miles on a single charge and be fully charged in just 30 minutes.

The HNCC already provides community lunches 5 days a week in different venues, but there is additional demand from those who are housebound and among the most vulnerable in society. An electric delivery vehicle will provide a lifeline, providing people with healthy, nutritious meals.

Culturally specific meal options are available and each meal features healthy portions including and entree, vegetable, bread or grain, fruit or dessert and a beverage. All meals are prepared fresh and without preservatives. Low-sugar, low-sodium and vegetarian options are available.

Interested in knowing more or benefitting from the service? Call 07918 633821 or email andrewhncc@outlook.com You can also download an information sheet.