23 April 2019
Written By hncp

New Tuesday Community Lunch Club partnership.

Please join us every Tuesday from 12 noon at St Mary Brookfield Church for a Community Lunch.

The Lunch runs until 2pm and costs £2.50 including:

  • Home made soup & Bread
  • Salmon with new potatoes & greens
  • Pudding

Join us at:

St Mary Brookfield Church,
Dartmouth Park Rd,
London NW5 1SL

Father Damian and Lulu our excellent manager & chef will warmly welcome you.

This is a new partnership with St Mary Brookfield, the Parish Church of Dartmouth Park

We are grateful to the Lady Gould’s Charity. Without their support we could not provide this much needed service. Lady Gould’s Charity is a charitable trust which distributes grants to any individual who lives in the Highgate area of London and who is, for whatever reason, in need of financial assistance, for example through mental or physical disability or through other family or household circumstances that result in the lack of some basic necessity. Find out more at www.ladygouldscharity.org