24 April 2019
Written By hncp

Newsletter April 2019

Activities move into the community as preparation for the new building starts
  • The amendments to the designs received planning consent earlier in the year.

  • Services have now moved out of the main Highgate Newtown Community Centre building as preparations begin for demolition. Security is in place while the contract for the works is procured

  • Activities haven’t stopped! they continue to run from a range of venues, so check out our website for the latest details.

Wood that Works

The plans to convert disused garages on the Whittington Estate as a new home for Ricky’s WtW have proved more difficult than expected, after the contractor pulled out.

For the time being WtW is staying in place, until a suitable new home can be found. With bookings already in place over the Summer, Camden has committed to keeping the project open for business.

Community champions

HNCC have been recruiting a number of community champions to engage with local people more effectively. These volunteers will have training and will focus on talking about a project they love. Beth who has flat in Bertram Street has agreed to be the first one.

The Community Lunch

The Community Lunch is growing in strength and numbers!

Lulu the cook (pictured) is currently self-employed, and is due to become an employee of HNCC with all the benefits of a permanent contract.

The Community Lunch is a very much a shared project. The organisations and churches taking part are partners, working together. It’s a model that is likely to be more widely used in future.

Allotments and growing project

The community centre is looking at providing allotments and a new growing project, coordinated by Jane and working with Holly Lodge Estates

The idea is that food can be grown for the lunch clubs, and local schools can be involved.

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