8 July 2022
Written By hncp

Our customers feed back on our services

June 22 – Feedback from our customers

In June 22 we asked for feedback from 78 people who attend the lunch clubs, Wellness café and under 5 play activities. They told us the difference these activities make to them and gave us some great ideas for future menus and activities.
More than 90% rated our services at least 8 out of 10, and 100% felt welcome by our friendly staff and volunteers.
“I’m so glad I have found this little haven. Wednesday is my favourite day now. I like eating all together and the staff are excellent.” (Wellness café customer)

Summary of the feedback
  • 100% said they felt welcome when they attended the activity
  • 100% said they found the staff and volunteers friendly / helpful
  • 95% said they knew more people in their community as a result of attending these activities
  • 94% of people rated the service they attended 8 or more out of 10 (76% rated it 10/10)
  • 96% of people said that their mental wellbeing was improved by attending the lunch clubs / wellness café
  • 94% said they felt less isolated because of coming to the lunch club / wellness café
  • 94% said they ate more healthy food as a result of coming to the lunch clubs / wellness café.
  • 100% of people said they enjoyed eating with others at the lunch clubs / wellness café
  • 94% of parents / carers said the under 5s play activities helped them to better understand how their child plays and learns
Some comments about customers’ experience

Under 5s
We love coming every week and the staff make is even better. The toys are always fun and the coffee and tea a great addition. Thank you for making this available.
Thank you for your constant love and support, you passion for the group is amazing
Always feel so welcomed by Kim and Nadine!! My favourite stay and play group
The selection of toys is amazing, one of the best around. We have enough space to run and play freely. The toys and space are always clean. We look forward to this playgroup

Lunch Clubs
It is a great idea especially for the elderly who live alone
Lovely people, I am grateful that this café exists. It stops me from feeling lonely and having darker thoughts
People are very friendly and chatting is good over dinner

Wellness Café
My experience at the café is great and I meet people I would never have met before
Very lucky to have such a lovely facility locally. I look forward to seeing all the lovely staff. They are so friendly.
It’s always a pleasure to visit this wellness café. It’s good to mix with others from the community

We want to make our community better – where everyone has a chance to succeed and nobody gets left behind.