6 July 2023
Written By hncp

I am very proud to present this Partnerships booklet which outlines the partnership work we have been involved in this year.

Channing School has a long standing tradition of community service and it is embedded in our Unitarian ethos. Over the past 18 months, with our partnership with HNCP, we have been building strong relationships with our local community and making a positive impact. Together with HNCP, we are working to create a more supportive and inclusive community for everyone.
Our Education + programme, in collaboration with HNCP, St. Aloysius’ College and Brookfield Primary School, involves sustainable, mutually beneficial links with local schools offering academic enrichment and cultural capital for those who would otherwise not have access to it.

Without the support from colleagues as well as our partners, we would not be able to run these clubs/activities. We are grateful to our students whose dedication, interest and enthusiasm has ensured the success of our clubs and wider work in the community.

Ms J Kung
Direct of HE and Partnerships

Download Partnership Booklet