8 June 2022
Written By hncp

Proudly working together for the local community.

Channing was founded in 1885 as a school where the daughters of Unitarian ministers could obtain a ‘first-class education.’ It is this Unitarian foundation that drives us to reach beyond the school gates to build a local network of partnerships, which will help to create a positive social and educational impact on the local community and our school.

HNCP’s vision ‘to make our community better – where everyone has a chance to succeed and nobody gets left behind’, chimes perfectly with the Channing ethos where we work to ‘encourage girls to develop respect, tolerance and understanding of all faiths as well as individual and social responsibility’. By building a strong partnership between HNCP and Channing we can achieve so much more together than apart.

We are investing in people – young and old – and investing in their future just as we invest in the future of Channing students.

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