24 September 2021
Written By hncp

Remarkable Lives app launch

Wednesday 26th September 2018 will see the official launch in London of the Remarkable Lives app at the Highgate Newtown Community Centre.

The App is designed to capture life histories and at the same time improve quality of life, wellbeing and care.

Taking a positive approach to challenges of an ageing population Remarkable Lives, the social impact startup and Challenge Dementia Finalist, is tackling loneliness and isolation, compounded by negative perceptions of later life, against the backdrop of fragmented families, communities and reduced connectivity between the generations.

The Remarkable Lives app builds an interactive timeline of memories for older people. But whereas traditional social networks can’t back date, and document only what’s happening in our lives in the present, Remarkable Lives is unique in chronicling people’s life stories from the beginning. And although people can enjoy using the app to record a personal memoir, its main purpose is to encourage people to help save someone else’s life story, perhaps before it’s too late. Less selfie, more selfless.

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