22 September 2019
Written By hncp

Wood That Works success

A statement from the Chair of the HNCC:

“I am delighted as Chair of Highgate Newtown Communty Centre to welcome Camden Council’s investment of £110000 in a new wood work shop for schools and the community, based in the garages of the Whittington estate. This exciting venture is due to open this autumn.

The wood work sessions with the addition over three years of Jessica Straw as an assistant for Ricky Jefferson who does such a great job running the sessions, have been made possible by a very generous donation of £45,000 from St Annes Church Highgate. They believe that investing in the local community and eductaion is the best possible action churches can take and we are all very grateful for their support.

As Chair I welcome all our new partners in this wood work project. We can only succeed if we come together on projects like this – which is indeed part of our “Reaching Communities Programme”. We are particularly greatfull to the staff team Ricky Jefferson and our new staff member Jessica Straw for their enthusiasm in setting out to make this project a great success.”

Our partners in wood work
Brookfield Primary School
William Ellis secondary school
Monterey school Holloway
Tufnell Park School
Camden families and exclusion
Camden disability group
Ex servicemen and women
Camden youth offending
Islington youth offending
Mothers and daughters wood work classes

Laurel Fleck, Headteacher, says:

“Brookfield Primary School is delighted to be working in partnership with Highgate Newtown Community Centre woodwork program. This is an excellent new addition to the creative work the children already engage in at Brookfield. The children have returned to school after their workshops full of enthusiasm, joy and pride in their work. We are really grateful to have a strong relationship with such a proactive community centre.”

Jessica, a Wood That Works leader with Brookfields school children.